“Leonard has helped my entire family of four and me maintain optimum health for many years. Several of my employees have had excellent results from his special treatments and in fact, occasional acupuncture and massage from Leonard is the only benefit we offer to the staff. Leonard’s unique combination of top training and many years of continuous study, a genuine good heart, and a true desire to help heal qualifies him to effectively treat a huge array of problems with great success. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Jon P.,  Boulder, CO

Leonard helped me out with an acute hernia-type condition. In one treatment, the symptoms calmed and within a couple days were gone.

Michael P., Lafayette, CO

I have suffered from carpal tunnel for over thirty years. Trying alternative methods of treatment I turned to acupuncture which alleviated the symptoms. They started returning and I sought out a local practitioner.

Leonard Socolov treated me for a couple of months and the symptoms once again disappeared.

I feel confident that if the problem returns I would again seek out Leonard for treatment.

Rita R. – Longmont, CO

“I was injured playing girls collegiate rugby and my neck was in terrible pain. I tried chiropractic and massage and was heading to the hospital for prescription relief. Lenny worked on my neck and cured the problem. It was amazing. Thanks Len.”

Heidi M., – Laramie, WY

“After the treatment, which was painless and exact, my mood changed from slightly negative to very positive and supported. My chi was corrected and in hand. I felt more at balance and able to take the right steps to heal my problems, including normalization of my thyroid disorder.”

Kat F – Lafayette, CO

“In December, 08 I was in a difficult state. I was bloated, overweight, sluggish and depressed. I wasn’t sleeping well as I also had high anxiety and nightmares. After taking advice on nutrition, and receiving acupuncture twice a week for six weeks; I feel little to no depression and anxiety, I can sleep through the night, my nightmares are scant, I have less bloating, my vitality has come back and I have lost about 10 pounds of weight. Leonard greatly participated in turning around some very bad habits as well as keeping my energies balanced during transition. My suspicion is that the benefits are long lasting and immeasurable.”

Daniel P- Boulder, CO

“I have been receiving Leonard’s acupuncture treatments for 19 years now. My work and lifestyle are very physically demanding, so when I begin to become exhausted or overstressed I see Leonard. I have found his treatments to always put me right back on track. ”

Irene T – Boulder, CO

“I have worked with acupuncturists in the front range for years and I have found Lenny to be exceptional. He is truly a gifted healer.”

Linda M., School Counselor – Laramie, WY

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