Leonard Socolov  –  Licensed Acupuncturist

Colorado Licensed Acupuncturist #152


Leonard Socolov first discovered his interest in wellness while attending High School, where he presented yoga to his classmates for his health class project. Leonard practiced yoga twice daily and ate fresh cooked healthy meals and ran regularly for years. Following two years of college, he decided to study Macrobiotics as a healthy way of life.

It was here that Leonard first Studied Shiatsu (Acupressure Massage) at the Kushi Institute in Brookline, MA. He subsequently studied Shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute in New York, NY before attending the Kototama Institute in Santa Fe, NM.

His four years studying Kototama Life Medicine emphasized extensive diagnostic training and numerous intensive practice treatments. Dr Masahilo Nakazono provided much clarification of Traditional Oriental Medicine based upon his lifelong research and experience. Leonard completed his training by interning under Dr. Katsuharu Nakazono.

Leonard is licensed by the State of Colorado and has been helping Coloradans longer than almost any other acupuncturist in the state.

Leonard has had great success helping people with healing and relief for many conditions over the past 30 years. His life medicine treatments stand out for balancing people’s energies overall, as well as symptomatic relief. This has far reaching effects beyond just physical wellness. Most people experience more relaxation, greater clarity and more vitality.

Also, when necessary, Leonard is trained to guide individuals through preventive lifestyle adjustments in order to strengthen the body’s defenses, promote the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain optimal function. Changes in lifestyle are prescribed on an individual basis according to the individual’s condition and health goals.

Leonard has taught his Health and Balance self-health class at both Metropolitan State College of Denver and the University of Wyoming.

Currently Leonard also coaches youth baseball and basketball. He is an avid hiker and lover of Colorado, who has hiked all of Colorado’s Fourteeners at least once.

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